Red Hat Czech

Workers Union

Red Hat Czech Workers Union is a collective of Red Hat employees in the Czech Republic. We have formed a workers’ union to represent our collective interests and rights. We believe this is an urgent and necessary step to improve our working conditions, protect our benefits, and have a voice in a transparent decision-making process.

Mission statement

Our mission is to represent the collective voice of the workers of Red Hat in the Czech Republic and to advocate for our rights, improve our conditions, and advance our interests.

We are the Red Hat Czech Workers Union, and we are stronger together.


What are the benefits of joining the union? What do unions do?

What do I need to do to join the union?

Apply for the ICT Union membership If you are a member of the ICT Union and work for Red Hat Czech, you become a member of the Red Hat Czech Workers Union.

What are the fees?

A monthly fee is 1% of your monthly salary but 300 CZK at most.

Why am I paying fees to the ICT Union and not to the Red Hat Czech Workers Union?

The Red Hat Czech Workers Union operates under the ICT Union. Even though you pay your fee to the ICT Union, it is used for the benefit of the Red Hat Czech Workers Union’s members.

Fee breakdown:

The ICT Union uses the money for organizing various workshops, trainings, and meetings, that are also accessible for the members of the Red Hat Czech Workers Union. The money is also used for organizing other workplaces and companies because a strong union presence in the whole sector is important for the individual struggles in different companies. The money is managed transparently. See the ICT Union FAQ.

OSPPP provides us with legal and other support. See OSPPP website (only in Czech).

Are there any risks to joining the union?

You do not have to disclose that you are a union member. Your membership is anonymous to your employer. If no one knows you are a member, there are no consequences for you.

Can I leave the union if I change my mind, and how do I do it?

Union membership is always voluntary.

To cancel your membership, contact us at or stop paying your membership fee.

Who are the union representatives committee, and what do they do?

The workplace executive committee, often referred to as representatives, are three elected members who voluntarily disclose their identity to the company. They are the main link between the union and the company. Their responsibilities include communications between the company and the union, internal union communications, organizing and moderating members’ meetings and public discussions, onboarding new members, and more. They also form the core of the negotiation team.