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Join the community of ICT sector workers and be a part of our efforts to improve working conditions! We meet both online and offline, learn new things together, and support each other along the way. Join us! What can we provide to you?


We are, and we want to be, an active trade union, committed to organizing sector-wide events that help workers learn about important issues and create positive change.

In addition, we support the formation of workplace organizations through sectoral unions. By uniting at the workplace level, we can negotiate better working conditions and make a difference for everyone.


We believe in continuous learning and seek guidance from union lawyers, fellow members, and other trade unions and associations to deepen our understanding of labor law and our rights within the ICT sector and the workplace.

This collaborative approach enables us to be effective advocates for our interests and protect the fundamental rights of workers in the ever-evolving ICT industry.

Legal support

As a member, you have the opportunity to receive free consultations and representation from a union lawyer. Our membership base is also happy to support you with advice or events.

You can also decide to establish a union in your workplace, and we would be happy to provide you with not only legal support, but also the knowledge of how to do it.

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Aug 1, 2023
The ICT sector is a rapidly growing sector that has over the last ten years vastly changed the work scenery in the Czech Republic. A lot of big international companies decided to open centers here and also quite a few Czech companies started and expanded their activities. The salaries they were offering compared to the existing opportunities, appeared attractive which led more and more locals leaping to this promising sector but also a lot of foreigners moving to the Czech Republic in search of better pay and working conditions.
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Sep 18, 2023
Stop diminishing the value of our work: Petition for Transparent Communication and Protection of Employee Benefits for ICT Workers We, the workers of the ICT sector, need to address the decline in the value of our work. Despite consistently providing quality products for our employers and clients, we face the rise of non-transparent communication and the erosion of our employee benefits from our employers. This negatively affects our work-life balance and job satisfaction.
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