Petition for Transparent Communication and Protection of Employee Benefits for ICT Workers


September 18, 2023


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Stop diminishing the value of our work: Petition for Transparent Communication and Protection of Employee Benefits for ICT Workers

We, the workers of the ICT sector, need to address the decline in the value of our work. Despite consistently providing quality products for our employers and clients, we face the rise of non-transparent communication and the erosion of our employee benefits from our employers. This negatively affects our work-life balance and job satisfaction.

As ICT sector workers, we hold a genuine appreciation for our work. However, the absence of transparent communication, coupled with the loss of employee benefits, creates a feeling of disrespect towards us and our work from the employer. Decisions that impact us are made behind closed doors, without clear and timely communication. We want to contribute to the direction of our product and our employment through open and genuine discussion. Moreover, valued employee benefits, such as additional sick days, flexible working hours or performance bonuses, are being cut silently and considerably. This erosion of benefits negatively impacts our ability to balance our professional and personal lives.

We deserve acknowledgment, respect, and consideration of our demands to effectively sustain our jobs and work performance in the long run.

To preserve the value of our work, we demand:

  1. Transparent Communication: We want clear and open communication from the employer. Timely information about changes in job roles, bonus procedures, or organisational changes is our right. We want to be present at these decision making processes to make sure our voices are heard and our concerns are addressed.
  2. Protection of Employee Benefits: We insist on the protection of essential employee benefits such as additional sick days, flexible working hours, or performance bonuses. These benefits contribute to a healthier work-life balance and allow us to develop as professionals.

We are integral to the success and growth of the companies. It’s time to remind our employers that we are a valuable part of the equation, deserving of respect and recognition.

If you agree with our demands, sign the petition. Every voice matters, amplifying the message to our employers. Rest assured, every signature will remain anonymous. Upon reaching 1,000 signatures, we will forward these demands to the market-setting ICT companies in the Czech republic, like IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Honeywell, Oracle and Siemens.