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Workers of Expedia Services joined ICT union

April 29, 2024

We are very happy to announce that the ICT union is present in a new workplace and with this statement we are welcoming our colleagues from Expedia Services. We are looking forward to improving our working conditions together. We believe that a union can make Expedia an even better place for work.

“Workers from Expedia are very motivated to get fair treatment from their company. Recent layoffs left a bitter taste in their mouths, but they are standing together and supporting each other in these challenging times.” said one of the organizers working closely with Expedia workers.

Do you think that workers should have a say in their workplace? Do you want to actively participate in improving your and others working conditions? Do you want to fix injustice in your workplace? Join us! Send your application or contact us. We are always open to meeting you and helping you organize at your workplace.

Authors are board members of ICT union