Petition for meaningful social dialogue


June 3, 2024


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Petition for meaningful social dialogue

Workers unions in the Czech Republic can provide a necessary avenue for social dialogue with the employer. Unions are often one of the only tools that allow employees to have a say in their work and working conditions. Unfortunately, in the sector of information and communication technology (the ICT sector), we sometimes encounter intimidation and lack of cooperation.

We, the workers of the ICT sector, have the right to form workers unions, establish social dialogue, and enter collective bargaining with our employers, in other words - change our working conditions for the better.

Therefore, we are asking for employers to commit to meaningful social dialogue and regular communication with the workers union. We want to employer to respect us and our rights.

We believe that through workers union on sectoral level and in the workplaces, we can together move the ICT sector towards better working conditions.

If you agree with our demands, we would be grateful if you would sign the petition.