A day of hacking with the climate movement

June 3, 2023

Kumst Brno


The IT sector is at the centre of the climate crisis. On one hand, it is largely exacerbating it. On the other hand, it possesses all the means and capacity to change the current course.

According to research by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, the IT sector can enable the reduction of global emissions by up to 20% by 2030. This is not only by optimising the sector from within, but also by contributing to greener solutions in other sectors.

What impact can it have, when people from the IT field join together? That’s what we want to find out at the Klimathon.

One day of a climate hackathon is not enough to solve this crisis. But one day is a good start.

Three challenges that we will tackle together:

  • Supporting the awareness of the climate movement
    • How can we facilitate the work of climate movements in their efforts to raise awareness of the impacts of climate crisis?
  • Reducing emissions in other sectors
    • How to use ICT innovations to help reduce emissions in other sectors of the economy?
  • Reducing emissions in the ICT sector
    • How can we show ICT employers the climate impact of their operations and engage them in addressing and reducing emissions in their sector?

To the creative table, we invite everyone who cares about dignified conditions of people and quality of the environment.

  • Researchers
  • UI / UX Designers
  • Designers of services and products
  • Programmers
  • Marketing and communication experts

You can come alone or as part of a team.

The event will be held in both Czech and English.

  • We will meet on Saturday 3.6. in Brno
  • We start at 8am and finish at 10pm.
  • We will spend the whole day at KUMST in the centre of Brno.
  • We will provide plenty of food and drink on site.
  • And if you need, we will arrange accommodation for you.

Registration is open until 28.5.2023

Klimathon is organized in cooperation with Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Prague and supported by the Trade Union of Money and Insurance Workers (Odborový svaz pracovníků peněžnictví a pojišťovnictví - OSPPP) and Climate Designers Czech Republic & Slovakia.

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